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Newly added to our hire fleet is a wet strip injection system known as the red box. Including the booster pump and needles


The Safestrip controlled wetting system comprises of :

1 x Polypropylene unit, red leather embossed, mounted on 2 x 125mm fixed castors & 2 x 125mm swivelling castors, with top lid.
Dimensions 750mm long x 665mm wide x 675mm high. Weight 65kg.

  • 1/2″ x 50m (blue) water inlet hose on reel.

  • 3/4″ isolating ball valve.

  • Water strainer, 3000 litres per hour capacity x 70 microns.

  • Remote pressure zone backflow prevention valve.

  • Pressure regulating valve, set to 6 bar (90 psi) with pressure gauge.

  • Pressure relief valve, set to 6 bar (90 psi), factory sealed.

  • Proportional diluting pump ( 10:1 )

  • Static mixer for Astrip/water.

  • 3/4″ isolating valve.

  • 1/2″ x 50m (yellow) hose on reel.

1 x Distribution manifold comprising of:

  • Push in hose connector.

  • Inlet shut-off valve.

  • Pressure regulating valve.

  • Manifold body with 8 outlets, each with 3/8″ shut off valve & 3/8″ push in

  • connectors fitted with stop plugs.

1 x Polypropylene box with interlocking lids containing:

  • 200 x wetting agent flow control valves with 3/8″ push in connectors (a total of 200 x 2″ Injector Units)

  • Colour coded extension tubes, 3/8″ diameter with push in connector:

5 @ 2m Blue Tube
5 @ 3m Green Tube
5 @ 4m Red Tube
5 @ 6m Brown Tube

  • 1 x Hand Spray

  • 1 x Safestrip System Instruction Manual

N.B. This unit is capable of delivering from between 10 and 2000 litres an hour.


  • 1200 simultaneous injection points possible

  • Extremely low fibre release, if any, during use with Astrip Concentrate

  • Greater production rates from workforce during A.C.M. removal

  • System will run day or night without supervision

  • Quicker clean up time

  • The wetting fluid Astrip Concentrate is acknowledged to be the most effective available in the world


  • Very easy to use

  • Ergonomically designed to meet operating needs

  • Colour coded tubing for easy length selection

  • Quick release couplings used throughout


  • Minimal maintenance required

  • Needle valve assemblies do not require flushing after use with Astrip

  • Concentrate

  • Unit situated outside the enclosure therefore does not get

  • contaminated


  • Robust and self contained

  • No electricity required – one connection to the water supply

  • l00m of inlet and supply hose

  • Automatic Astrip Concentrate/water dilution system

  • High quality product

  • Full selection of accessories available to run off the system


Water Pressure Booster Pump

In cases of reduced water supply pressure, the use of a booster pump may be necessary. We offer a 110V (or 220V) water pressure booster pumps, which is supplied with all the necessary fittings and connections for use with the wetstrip machine



Additional manifolds are available to increase the number of injection points for particularly large projects.


Injector units and needles

Injector units from 50mm (2”) up to 300mm (12”) long can be supplied for injection into friable pipe lagging, tank boiler insulation etc longer needles are used for wetting sprayed friable coating (flock). We can supply needles that are interchangeable with the control valves, by the use of a push in fitting.

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