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This new unit consists of three sections, the Clean End, the Shower and the Dirty End.

It comes complete with a 150 litre Water Management System, Negative Pressure Unit, 4 Lockers, Tube Heaters, Non-slip Rubber matting and 110v electrical lead.

It is constructed from lightweight ABS material - making it portable, strong and easy to clean.

Clean End

• Lockable external door into the Clean End.

• 4 key-operated lockers.

• Electrically powered tube heater.

• Mirror.

• Clothes hooks.

• Doorway connecting to the shower area.

Shower Area

• Shower supplied with clean water from the Water Management System outside.

• Waste water drained and filtered by the Water Management System.

• Doorway connecting to the Dirty End.

Dirty End

• Sealable vent through to Negative Pressure Unit for air filtration.

• Mirror.

• Clothes hooks.


• Internal Sizes: each compartment - 1m x 1m

The modular nature of construction would allow for more or larger compartments, as required.

In addition to the accessories already mentioned, this Thermac unit come complete with:

  • 3x 15m braided hose (Fresh water and waste)

  • 110v lead

  • Tube heater

  • 4 lockers

  • Non slip matting

  • 2x waste water filters

  • Negative Pressure Unit

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:  3m long, 1m wide & 2m high

Water capacity: 150 litre tank

Voltage: 110v supply

Power supply: Mains

User capacity: Up to 4 people

Storage: 4 Lockers

Security: Locks on all external hatches and doors

Each unit is supplied with free user-training, warranty and all relevant test certification.

Modular Decontamination Units

Hire at £231.00 per week

A portable modular shower unit. In a simple three cubical assembly 'dirty end',shower and 'clean end' consisting of a Water management system, portable NPU and powered with a 5kva transformer. Complete with a box of shower assembly parts this is quick and easy to assemble in less than 10 minutes.

mod side 9.jpg
wms slice.jpg
modular unit complete 10 sketchup 2021 backup.png
mod side 8.jpg
mod side 5.jpg
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