This new unit consists of three sections, the Clean End, the Shower and the Dirty End.

It comes complete with a 150 litre Water Management System, Negative Pressure Unit, 4 Lockers, Tube Heaters, Non-slip Rubber matting and 110v electrical lead.

It is constructed from lightweight ABS material - making it portable, strong and easy to clean.

Clean End

• Lockable external door into the Clean End.

• 4 key-operated lockers.

• Electrically powered tube heater.

• Mirror.

• Clothes hooks.

• Doorway connecting to the shower area.

Shower Area

• Shower supplied with clean water from the Water Management System outside.

• Waste water drained and filtered by the Water Management System.

• Doorway connecting to the Dirty End.

Dirty End

• Sealable vent through to Negative Pressure Unit for air filtration.

• Mirror.

• Clothes hooks.


• Internal Sizes: each compartment - 1m x 1m

The modular nature of construction would allow for more or larger compartments, as required.

In addition to the accessories already mentioned, this Thermac unit come complete with:

  • 3x 15m braided hose (Fresh water and waste)

  • 110v lead

  • Tube heater

  • 4 lockers

  • Non slip matting

  • 2x waste water filters

  • Negative Pressure Unit

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:  3m long, 1m wide & 2m high

Water capacity: 150 litre tank

Voltage: 110v supply

Power supply: Mains

User capacity: Up to 4 people

Storage: 4 Lockers

Security: Locks on all external hatches and doors

Each unit is supplied with free user-training, warranty and all relevant test certification.

Modular Decontamination Units

Hire at £200.00 per week

A portable modular shower unit. In a simple three cubical assembly 'dirty end',shower and 'clean end' consisting of a Water management system, portable NPU and powered with a 5kva transformer. Complete with a box of shower assembly parts this is quick and easy to assemble in less than 10 minutes.