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Hazardous Waste Transfer

We also have the license to collect hazardous chemical wastes for disposal. This can be in various forms and container types such as:

  • Liquid Wastes - Flammables, Acids, Corrosives, Toxics, etc.

  • Aerosols - Expired aerosol canisters of various contents.

  • Automotive - Oil filters, Mixed fuels, Anti-freeze, Lubricants, Etc.

  • Flammable Solids - Nominally empty tins etc.

  • Steel / Plastic Drums - Various size drums, tighhead or opentop suitable for chemical wastes, oils, contaminated fabrics, liquid wastes, WEEE products and various other end of life / hazardous wastes.

  • Bulk Liquid Wastes - 1000 litre IBC suitable for hazardous and non hazrdous liquids providing safe storage and containment.

Spill Kit Range

We also supply a fully range of spill kit equipment and various products to aid in the storage, health and safety and disposal of chemicals.

These include:

  • Absorbent pads - Maintenance pads for water and oil based fluids, Chemical pads for unknown toxic, flammable, corrosive and aggressive chemical spills, Oil only pads for oil based fluids only.

  • Spill Stations - In plastic or metal cabinets for

  • the cleanliness of your spill  materials.

  • Portable Spill Kits -  Yellow wheelie bin containing a floor sign, waste bags and ties, absorbent pads, absorbent socks, pillows and hazard warning tape. Ideal for vans.

  • Work floors - Bunded work floors & spill pallets made from durable plastic as single or in combination configurations.

  • IBC Spill Pallets - IBC spill containment range is specifically designed to meet the growing IBC and user market. Made from 100% corrosion free polyethylene, these sturdy unit are EC and UK compliant.

For further enquiries contact us on 02920 485528 and ask for Jim Vinnicombe or email him direct at jim@moorlandenv.co.uk