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Vehicle Collections

At Moorland, we can help you manage the disposal of any quantity of asbestos waste or hazardous waste, ranging from single bags of waste, up to multiple tonnes of waste, and beyond.  Should you have a smaller quantity of waste to dispose of, it is often more convenient and cost effective to have us collect the waste from your site in a van.

Our van will attend your site, where your waste can be loaded into the cargo area.  The vehicles are all fully prepared and licensed for transport of hazardous waste – as are our drivers.  All of our drivers are ADR certified, and trained in handling asbestos waste.  The drivers will arrive at your site with the correct PPE and RPE for handling the waste, as well as any additional safety wear your site may require (e.g. hi-visibility clothing, safety helmet etc.).

We do ask that your waste is correctly and safely packaged – the loose asbestos waste is double bagged in asbestos waste sacks and sealed with gaffa/cloth tape, and larger items are wrapped in 1000gauge polythene.  With regards to the corrugated bonded asbestos cement roof sheets, we can transport these unwrapped (under Special Provision 168 of the Carriage of Dangers Goods regulations), as long as they remain whole.  Any loose debris would have to be bagged up.

Once the waste is safely loaded onto the vehicle, the driver will supply you with a completed Consignment Note, before transporting the waste back to our transfer station in Cardiff.  The waste will then be transferred into a sealed skip, ready for disposal at landfill.

Many of our customers choose to take advantage of our collection service. The costs we offer for transport are highly competitive, and this allows your operatives to remain on site and continue their work, while we take the waste away.

Our area of coverage for van collections is South Wales and the West Country (you can often spot one of our vehicles in Plymouth).  We can also travel to West Wales (Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire) if your work is in that area.  Often we travel along the M4 corridor, through Bath and Swindon, to around the Newbury area.  Often we’re able to offer you a same-day collection (dependent on our work load), though more notice is appreciated. 

We’re pretty flexible and ready to help you, so just give us a call or email us.


Hazardous Wastes

Moorland are also licensed to transport and dispose of any difficult hazardous wastes you may have.  These may range from liquid wastes (flammables, paints etc.), aerosols, automotive wastes or bulk liquid wastes – basically, any waste your work may produce.

We can transport the material in EU approved containers – steel or plastic drums, IBCs etc. – away from your site.  This can be a one-off visit to your site, or we can arrange regular scheduled visits to an ongoing job – from one drum to full vehicle loads! We can also provide you with these containers should you require them.

Our drivers are fully ADR compliant, and our vehicles are licensed and kitted out to transport the waste.  We’ll even take care of the tricky Consignment Note for you – we just ask that you provide the MSDS sheet for your waste so we can ensure the documentation is all 100% correct and legal.

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