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Transfer Station

We operate a fully licensed on site transfer station for hazardous waste disposal. Open to receive waste from the general public or commercial companies that have a waste carriers license. We ensure that all persons on site adhere to our site rules and Hazardous Waste regulations as stipulated in the HSE control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and Natural Resources Wales standard rules SR2008 No5_75kte.

Asbestos Contaminated Materials or ACMs is our main waste stream, we can receive in all the types of asbestos forms from Chrysotile, Crocidolite, Amosite and Tremolite. These are mainly in two groups either Fibrous or Bonded.

As wastes these can be found in:

1) Floor tiles

2) Asbestos corrugated roof sheets and flat panels

3) Thermal Insulation and lagging

4) Boilers

5) Fire doors

6) Spray coatings

7) Cloths, tapes and cords

8) Millboard, papers and gaskets

9) Textured coats and paints

10) Bitumen and tars

11) roof tiles and slates

More information on ACMs is available at the HSE website Click here

Disposal Locations

We operate throughout Wales and the south west of England with various other transfer stations and landfill sites to give you the best and most convenient option for disposal. Our quick logistics of skip delivery and then collection for disposal service with the legal documentation returns is second to none.

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